Charter management service

Simple, efficient and fast, with many years of proven experience, the team of professionals from Sea Drive allows you to enjoy ownership of all yacht models with minimal investment, and no maintenance, preparation, insurance and registration burden because that part of the work becomes our responsibility. In other words, we do everything to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your goal and become a vessel owner.

All our clients can thus count on:

  • Exclusive purchase conditions
  • Exceptional booking results
  • Professional maintenance and supervision of yachts
  • Constant insight into the processes and costs of yacht maintenance
  • Favourable terms of leasing financing
  • Constant insight into overall income and expenses

Summarily, we provide and offer a whole range of services, taking care of your vessel and all guests - from purchase to rental.



We have proven ourselves on the market as a trustworthy partner, and this makes us a reliable partner in absolutely all aspects of procurement for charter management - from purchase, leasing conditions to renting vessels. What makes the very essence of the entire business is a strong charter company that stands by you and that can accomplish and guarantee good results in booking your vessel throughout the year, which Sea Drive certainly is.

If you are interested in additional information and finding a suitable vessel, please reach out and contact us.

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